Channel 7 and 9 have commenced broadcasting new channels.

The channels are broadcast in HD MPEG 4 compression which will give you exceptionally clear, crisp picture and vivid colours. If your TV, set top box or PVR (Personal Video Recorder) doesn't support MPEG 4 you may not receive the channel(it will be a missing channel on your channel list) or the TV, set top box or PVR may display an "unsupported format" banner or you may have sound but no picture. In this case for your TV you will need to add a set top box to receive this new channel.

Most of our TV's, set top boxes and PVR's will automatically update the channels however if your channel is not displayed you will need to go to the MENU then SETTINGS and re tune all your stations. A retune will refresh the station list and program guide. This will display all available new and old stations.

Click on the following 2 links if you would like further information about this new channel:

Channel 9 JUMPIN 9HD FAQs

Gizmodo Entertainment