Does your Freeview HD Digital Recorder have any of the following issues?

- No EPG(Electronic Program Guide)

- Will not record

- Missing recordings

- Playback problems

Here are some things to try that may help out.

1. Try a factory reset via the main MENU/SETTINGS of your product.(refer to your user guide on how to factory reset) This will clear the EPG data, channel data and any set recordings data. Then rescan all your channels for your EPG data to refresh. 

2. Try a HDD( Hard Disk Drive) Format via the main MENU/SETTINGS of your product.(refer to your user guide on how to factory reset) This will clear all your recordings off you HDD. Make sure all the shows you have recorded are not needed as these will be lost. Watching all your shows first is advised before doing a HDD format.

3. Software update to version V0.51. Depending on the software you have this may be required as it will improve the following:

Improved Accuracy for Starting and Stopping from Freeview Recordings.
Scheduled Recording List Ordered Chronologically.
HDCP update for some Samsung Televisions.
Improved audio stability when Resuming Playback on SD Channels.
Schedule notification when events Fail due to the Event not being broadcast or Events clashing.

To check your software version while playing live TV press:

1. Menu

2. Select System Information (Bottom Row, second from the left)

3. Confirm the numbers next to title "Applicative Software": V0.NN where N will be two numbers.

( The latest is version V0.51. If you already have this you will do not need to do the update.)

For the models listed below you may download the latest version software here :  Download Software

The above recommendations are printed to assist you with any issues you may be having with your product.

Further issues will need to be investigated by a qualified technician who can provide specific information of what the fault may be. 


Bush Service Team