Please check the following if your shows are not recording on the View21:

1. The View21 uses the EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) to make recordings, including the start time and duration of the show. If the guide is blank the View21 will not record the show. Make sure you visit the station with the missing EPG data for a few minutes, this will cause the guide to populate OR perform a "first time installation" and refresh the guide data for each station.

2. Make sure that shows are not clashing. Shows may clash when you are not watching the View21 and recordings begin. If this occurs the PVR will automatically resolve the clash by recording two of the shows and cancelling one as the View21 is a twin tuner PVR and can not record 3 shows. To minimise this try setting most of your shows as a one time recording instead of a series recording.

3. Corrupted EPG data and corrupted files on the hard disk drive. Perform a "first time installation" followed by a hard disk drive format via the settings menu of the PVR.