If your View21 can not connect to your network here are some things to try:

1. Re do the "first time installation" and make sure that your password is correct as this is case sensitive.  Upper case and lower case must be entered as per your password set in your router including any numbers.

2. Re start your router and do the first time installation again.

2. Check the distance between your router and the View21 PVR. Walls between the 2 devices will reduce the range of your router causing the connection to fail. If at all possible bring one device closer to the next.

3. The View21 uses WEP/WPA wireless security protocols. Make sure that your router has one of these types as its setting.

4. Remember that if your PVR doesn't connect to the network the first time you can just redo the "first time installation" again to obtain a connection.

5. Once you have set up your connection on your View21 press the "MENU" button on the remote followed by "0" button to display the diagnostics screen. You can check the signal strength, IP address and MAC address in this section.