The original Grundig Misuro remote is no longer available.

Using the original remote Amber Technology have produced codes to allow a "One For All" remote to replace the original Misuro Remote. 

You may purchase the remote from Amber Technology by following this link: Amber Technology Grundig Misuro Remote

The remote is model UE-OFAE3 and covers the following model numbers:

  • G19LEDA
  • G22FLEDA
  • G24FLEDV
  • G26LCDVA
  • G32LCD
  • G32LCDA
  • G32LCDV
  • G32LCDVA
  • GLCD1506HDVD
  • GLCD1906HDVD
  • GLCD1908HDVD
  • GLCD2206HDVD
  • GLCD2208HDVD
  • GLCD3206HDVD
  • GLED2211HDV
  • GLED3211HDV/A

Note: When ordering your One for All remote from Amber Technology it is important that you supply them with your full Grundig TV model number so as they can program the remote for you which will be ready to use when you receive it. Without the model number you will need to use specific codes before the remote can operate your television.

Bush Service Team