Please find below the step-by-step guide to setting the alarm on your HORIZON. Please note that there is only a short period of time the unit will wait for you to make your selections, so please familiarise yourself with these steps before you try to use them. The settings wizard will prompt you on the screen also.

Set Alarm

The procedure to set the alarm is:

  1.  Press the ALARMS Button, the radio will display ‘Alarm 1 Setup’.

              (to set alarm2, simply need press the ALARMS Button again, and the relevant alarm icon will flash).


        2. Using set alarm 1’ as an example, when your radio says Alarm 1 Setup’ then press the SELECT Button. Your

          radio will run into Alarm 1 Wizard’, follow your radio’s instructions to configure the following parameters:


 Alarm state: Off/ On, press the   < or >  Button to ‘On’ to turn the alarm on, press the SELECT Button to

confirm.  NB:If ‘Off’ is selected, the alarm will be turned off immediately and you will exit the alarm settings.


On time: 00: 00 (alarm sounding time). Modify using the <   or > Buttons and the SELECT Button to confirm

the alarm time.


Duration time: 15/30/45/60/90minutes (alarm sounding lasting time). Modify using the <   or >  Buttons and

the SELECT Button to confirm the setting.


Source: Buzzer/DAB/FM. Modify using the <  or  >    Buttons and the SELECT Button to confirm the setting.


Alarm sounds frequency: Daily, Once, Weekends or Weekdays. Modify using the <   or >   Buttons and the

SELECT Button to confirm the setting.


Alarm volume: press the <  or  >  Button to your favourite alarm volume, and then press the SELECT Button to

confirm the volume, your radio will say ’Alarm Saved’.



To Turn Off the Alarm:

. To turn the alarm off while the alarm is sounding, press the STANDBY button.

· Refer to the above steps 1-2 in “Set Alarm”

· When the ON/OFF options appear for Alarm state, press the <or > Button to select Off’, press the SELECT Button to confirm, Alarm Saved’ will be displayed and the alarm will be cancelled.